Our Processing

In 1946, Giulio Moriani, a lover of football and a player himself, began the production of soccer shoes with great passion. This passion was passed on to the children and subsequently to the grandchildren who continue in the tradition.

For 20 years now, Ryal has added to the famous production of soccer shoes, a sneaker collection aimed not only at shops, but also at sports clubs, businesses, districts, thanks to the possibility of creating a highly customizable representation shoe.

Today, thanks to many years of experience in the sector, Ryal and Moriani are producing a highly technical tool, focusing exclusively on product quality, managing to guarantee a competitive price at the same time. internal market.

The artisanal shoe is a very special product whose processing requires a series of different tricks from a normal shoe. The artisan must put the principle of quality before the quantity because, unfortunately, these two choices cannot be reconciled in our sector.

“We have chosen quality by receiving worldwide approval.”

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Our Materials

The choice of leathers, leather, sewing yarns, the upper, the adhesives and the specialization in the construction of a football shoe, the parts of the characteristics that distinguishes an artisan company like ours and are synonymous with quality.
Each of these is a technical and refined material that guarantees sensitivity to touch and adaptability in the plant.

I like to make the market to understand the difference between a handmade product and an industrial one.

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All of our shoes have the sole entirely sewn to the upper thus ensuring greater stability and greater resistance over time.


Thanks to a particular synergy that we have achieved with our artisans, we are able to guarantee a top quality product with an ultra-competitive price.


More than 70 years of experience and processing carried out paying attention to the smallest details of our products.

“Producing high quality shoes will always be a professional goal for us. It is too much love for sport to be able to give up. “


Ryal has always carried the Made in Italy flag high.
All the leathers that make up our shoes are carefully selected and especially at Km0.
Every day we go personally to the tannery next to us to always guarantee the top for our customers.
This is the characteristic that distinguishes us and of which we are most proud, we have always chosen quality and this is why we have been here for over 70 years.


Kangaroo skin abrasion test


Calf leather abrasion test