From 1930 to 1939 Giulio Moriani was a talented player from Empoli FC.
In 1946 the production of soccer shoes begins with great passion.
This passion was passed on to the children and then to the nephew who continues the tradition.
Today, thanks to experience gained in the sector, Ryal and Moriani are producing a highly technical and qualified tool, focusing exclusively on product quality.

2. YEARS 60

The second generation of the Moriani family joins the company. In these years the firm’s helm passes to Giulio’s sons who are called: Beppe, Luciano and Maria.
The name Ryal is a tribute to the favorite player of the founder Giulio, namely: Josè Hector Rial. (Note that the company name changes i with y).
Hector Rial, a talented Real Madrid player, was part of the Madrid team that won 5 consecutive Champions Cups plus 4 Spanish championships. He played together with famous players like: Di Stefano Puskas and Gento.

3. YEARS 70

From the 70s until today, Ryal has produced and produced special collections, samples etc. for famous national and international brands. We are approached by these brands, when the latter must produce a detailed and qualitative collection of their products.

4. YEARS 80

In the 80s Ryal supplies some players of international renown
Among these is Georghe Hagi nicknamed “the Maradona dei Carpazzi”, a famous player who played first in Real Madrid and then in Barcelona.
In the 1983/84 season, Ryal was also a Uefa Cup sponsor of the Romanian Sportul Studentescu team.

5. YEARS 90

Ryal expands in Italy. During his time at Milan “the enfant terrible” Paolo Di Canio wore Ryal crafted shoes. During the period in which he plays in the English league, Di Canio appears in newspaper headlines more than once not only for his fantastic footballing skills.

6. In 2000

The third generation of the Moriani family enters the company. The Ryal passes into the hands of Giulio’s grandson Marco and Beppe’s son.
In those years Pippo Inzaghi invited the Ryal to Milanello. Pippo closes his relationship with his historic sponsor and looks for a leather shoe because only the skin (he explains to us) gives him “the right feeling”.
In the photo, Gianluca Buffon also appears, visiting Ryal at the beginning of his career, because he is curious to see how football boots are made.

7. In 2005

The first Ryal Sneakers are born. Always built with the same quality and professionalism as football.

8. In 2010

In the early years of the new millennium, Ryal sponsored Marco Amelia (first Genoa player and then Milan). The fantastic story of Marco has in his palmares many important trophies including: Olympic Champion in 2004 and World Champion in 2006
In these years Juan Cuadrado, currently working for Juventus, wears (in the photo) a custom shoe dedicated to his country of origin (Colombia).

9. In 2016

The production of personalized leisure shoes begins, dedicated to cities, teams and sports clubs. San Marino fits our personalized shoe for the Olympics.

10. In 2020

Stand out from the crowd! In continuous evolution Ryal revolutionizes the world of craftsmanship with the complete customization of the shoe, thanks to our advanced configurator.