Suola in gomma DAVOSSuola_Gomma_2

Suitable for different types of terrain, including Synthetics, the Davos rubber sole guarantees the maximum softness and maximum comfort that a football shoe can allow.

Being completely made of rubber, the Davos sole, an important Italian brand, also helps to fight annoying diseases such as heel and tendonitis, preventing them in most cases and ensuring the player a pleasant coexistence with his own football shoes and managing to reduce to the maximum the annoying backlash that occurs during the race, especially in the hardest terrains.


Especially advantageous for children thanks to the soft and more numerous notch that helps them get used to a shoe more suitable for football from an early age.

At the forefront not only in functionality but also in aesthetics, the new rubber sole, with its renewed total black look, allows the shoe to be appreciated both by craft purists and by those who come to this world for the first time accustomed to using more commercial types of shoes.

Test it now by purchasing one of the models just released:

Su Misura JR Gomma Nera


Classico JR Turf


Classico Turf